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Bienvenidos a CDL en Español, el sitio con todas las preguntas y respuestas en español similares a las reales y necesarias para pasar cada uno de los exámenes oficiales al primer intento; para obtener tu Licencia de Conducir Comercial CDL.

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If you plan on driving a tractor trailer, tank vehicle, or school bus that carries 16 passengers or more, you need a CDL. There are a few exceptions to the types of vehicles that require a CDL to operate them, though. You do not need a CDL for the following types of vehicles:

  • Emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks or ambulances.
  • School buses carrying fewer than 16 passengers including the driver―but you will still need a school bus endorsement and to pass the school bus and commercial driver tests.
  • Recreational vehicles and rented moving trucks used for personal use.
  • Military vehicles if you are on active duty military.

Yes. According to the USA Patriot Act, if you are applying for or renewing a CDL with a Hazmat endorsement, you must be fingerprinted and have a background records check. If you are transferring your CDL from another state, you can transfer your background check and fingerprints provided the records check is verified by the state that issued it. To complete a background records check application, visit one of the Virginia DMV customer service centers that can process your application and pay $83.

You should read and study the Virginia Commercial Drivers Manual because the information in it is where the test questions are taken from. You can also take a sample test on the official DMV website or an online version of thepractice tests.

You can get a Class B or C commercial license at 18 years old, but federal requirements dictate that you must be at least 21 years old to drive a commercial vehicle across state lines.

No. By federal law, it’s illegal for CMV drivers to possess more than one license of any kind, and you may have a license only from your state of legal residence. This means that you may not have both a New York CDL and a regular New York driver license; you should surrender your regular license when you obtain a CDL. If you have licenses from other states, you must surrender those as well.

All 50 states share information about CDL drivers, and if you are found to have licenses from more than one state, you might end up with a fine or even jail time. Since your New York CDL allows you to drive both passenger and commercial vehicles anywhere in the country, it’s the only one you need.